7. Benefits and Advantages

Fragnova's tech provides important improvements to the industry, which in turn brings significant benefits to the creative community. As a decentralized platform, members of the community have the unique opportunity to help shape the ecosystem in a way that serves their best interest.
Our motto is Create - Preserve - Thrive and these are the main advantages that our community is able to enjoy by using the Fragnova platform.
Fragnova’s goal is to provide benefits that are long overdue in the game industry, especially for asset creators and small developers.
In short, the Fragnova Network aims to grant benefits to:
  • Game developers; by giving a platform to easily build, play and distribute games in one place while lowering the entry barrier, both financial and technical.
  • Content creators; by preserving their work and providing a percentage of the revenue of a game, apps or any final work that utilizes their assets.
  • Curators; by allowing them to vote on high quality content in order to earn and help foster a healthy community.
  • Gamers; by offering a plethora of unique user generated content that they can experience and collaborate with, while being able to freely trade their items in the marketplace.

A closer look into the benefits:

For Content Creators - Perpetual Royalties

  • Option to monetize your assets by charging royalties instead of a fixed upfront fee, therefore earning proportionally to the project's success.
  • Upload your assets fully on-chain (images, 3D models, music, etc) as Protos and manage them in the Creator Store.
  • Update your Protos anytime, allowing developers to download and use the latest version of your asset with ease.
  • Protos can be combined with each other to generate more complex Protos (like an environment for a game). The original Proto owners also receive royalties when the combined Proto earns something.
  • Protos are interoperable and work seamlessly with the platform’s game engine (Rare Engine) and any game or app built with it.
  • Automatically receive royalties any time a Fragment (game, app or in-game item) that uses one of your Protos generates revenue, be it a primary or secondary sale.
  • In-chain mechanism to protect from illegitimate copies.
Royalties are important because they reward creative talent with a perpetual stream of revenue derived from games that utilize their assets. This allows people to work full time as content creators, something that many thrive for but currently struggle to do.
Additionally, NFT owners of supported chains can also upload their assets (the NFTs) as Protos in the Creator Store, and enjoy the same benefits as content creators. The NFT will remain in its original chain, and it will have ownership of the associated Proto in the Fragnova Network.

For Developers - Accessible Assets

  • Add Protos (assets) to your projects with low to no upfront costs, but instead offering royalties to the Proto owners. This lowers the barrier of entry for indie developers while allowing them to use high quality assets.
  • Once your project is complete, publish it as Fragments in the Metaverse Store. These Fragments can be copies of a game, in-game items, app, interactive worlds and more.
  • Fragments you create will be owned by users, and they can be traded or sold which will perpetually generate royalties to the original creators and contributors.
  • A Fragment can be detached from the Fragnova chain and sold in external marketplaces.
  • Access to Fragnova’s exclusive game creation system, Rare Engine. This engine is focused on absolute interoperability of game data and logic, moddable games and innovative creators UX.
  • Utilize plugins or SDKs to connect the Creator Store, and all its available assets, to your platform.

For Curators - Community Growth

  • Anyone can vote and support high quality assets in the Creator Store, automatically becoming a Curator and helping create a curated selection of Protos while earning based on their success.
  • Be one of the leading voices in the Fragnova Network by inviting creators and supporting projects early on.
  • Create your own communities of like minded curators to discover new talent and connect with your favorite creators while assisting on giving more visibility to their work.

For Gamers - Endless possibilities

  • Explore an ever expanding universe of user generated content. Fragnova will host experiences from indie games to AAA-like games and, of course, all of the content added by the community, such as game mods.
  • The community can own and run game servers, which are safely and permanently stored on-chain. Thanks to this, users don't have to fear their favourite games shutting down and losing all they have achieved.
  • Connect with other like minded users, game together and find your next favourite hangout spot. From games to social hubs, everyone will be able to find an immersive and fulfilling experience.
  • A decentralised virtual economy awaits, allowing users to freely trade and transfer the items they have collected across multiple games. Transferring wealth from game to game is hassle, and risk, free.